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A whois domain system is a service that allows users to look up information about a domain name. When a user enters a domain name into the system, it queries a global database of domain name registrars to retrieve relevant information about the domain.

This information typically includes the name of the domain registrar, the date the domain was registered, and contact information for the domain owner. Depending on the level of detail available, users may also be able to see the expiration date of the domain registration, the nameservers associated with the domain, and other technical details.

Whois domain systems are commonly used by website owners, marketing professionals, and law enforcement agencies. Website owners may use the system to verify the registration information for their own domain names or to look up information about potential domain names for purchase. Marketing professionals may use the system to research competitors' domain names or to identify potential targets for outreach. Law enforcement agencies may use the system to investigate cybercrime or other online activities.

Overall, a whois domain system is a valuable tool for anyone who needs to research or verify information about domain names. By providing quick and easy access to a wide range of domain information, these systems can help users make more informed decisions and take action to protect their online presence.